Invite Chronic Carriages to Host your Event or Run your Tour


Do you have a party or event coming up that could use a Chronic Carriage Party Bus Or Limo. We have just the plan for you! Bring our carriage to your event, Recreational Store, Dispensary and treat your clients to an unforgettable time of fun and culture. We have partnership tour packages available, vehicles available for shuttle or just have our hippie bus on site so your guests can experience the Highest experience possible at your venue or party. We provide a Chronically fun experience to whatever you have in mind. Call us for a partnership price list to run your own tours or for a custom quote on your future events. ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE - CALL FOR DETAILS


Let us arrange a tour for you and you can increase your business the Chronically awesome way! We have packages available to suit your needs. You can just use our bus or limo to give your customers VIP treatment or you can have us arrange a tour for you to show your customers what the Cannabis industry is all about. We have different packages to suit your needs. Call us and lets make it happen!


Lifting you up after you've landed is our motto. We can pick you up in style and take you around town the coolest way possible. We can have the food of your choice ready for you so you can relax after a long flight and you can even stop by a dispensary, recshop or brewary before checking in to your hotel. Let us pamper you the VIP way!











Next time you host a party or organize an event at a venue let Chronic Carriages take your guests around in style. We have a multitude of Chronic Carriage Vehicles to suit any type of event. Whether you are hosting a music festival or just a kick ass party, you will be the host that everyone remembers and they will be sure to tell others about how you treated them like a VIP!











VIP Treatment is available to you and we will provide the coolest carriage and an excellent experience. Let us know what food, wine, beverages you would like and how many people will be on the ride. No regular limo or transport service can serve you in the way we can. We will roll out the green carpet so you can party like a rock star or relax like a King.