Our Mission Is To Love And Serve People, Communities and The World


Chronic Carriages donates 10% of Profits to Causes that help the world. When Charles Orozco and Sweet Baby Jesus joined forces they wanted to bring their causes together to use this company as a vehicle of love. They did this by starting an organization called Hemp for Humanity and from starting a spiritual center "420 Church" called Heaven Bound 420. Through these two organizations the intention of Chronic Carriages is to help the world by offering work programs to the Homeless, conducting food drives at Recreational Stores, Dispensaries and other 420 establsihments, helping single moms, creating hemp based clothing and products that are eco friendly to the environment and helping feed peoples spirits through spirituality in a non-judgemental 420 friendly environment. Through love in action our mission is to expand consciousness and love in the world and to help people love there hearts through a 420 love revolution.


Hemp4humanity is an upcoming nonprofit geared towards community centered outreach programs. We have started a Hemp4hunger food drive here in Seattle and all of Chronic Carriage Tours will talk about this outreach so people can start programs in all of the communities Chronic Carriages serves and expand it to more from there. 


Heaven Bound 420 is a 420 Spiritual Center that will offer services, workshops, meditation, life coaching, metaphysical research, sacred practices, sacred geometry, mentorship programs and many other resources and classes. It is non religious and non denominational. 


Hempfest the Horse is one of Chronic Carriages pet projects. We are sponsoring the horse to help her get to shows and events so she can train to possibly go to the 2020 Olympics. We want to help people live their dreams and when we found a horse that was named Hempfest who was born in Seattle on 420 and met her owner we thought this project would be a great place to start. We will will continue to look to sposor people and projects that reflect dreams. We encourage everyone to live their passion!